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Welcome to Living Treasure!


Precious Pilgrim,

Welcome! You’ve just entered the wonderful world of “Living Treasure,” which is the name of this website and radio program. We are a ministry of Christian encouragement, brought to you by Precious Pilgrim Ministries. Our mission is two-fold: to lift up the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and to encourage you, Pilgrim, on your journey.

What is “Living Treasure?” You are, Precious Pilgrim, because of Christ’s redemptive cross and His Holy Spirit indwelling. This is each one of our identity, it’s just that sometimes situations and circumstances or ages and stages of life can cloud our vision, right?

That’s where we, by God’s grace, hope to help. It is our hearts’ prayer that some of our letters to you or some of our radio programs for you, or some of our books in the Lending Library or some of the beautiful pictures provided in the Baa’s Ranch, RaRa's Cabin and the art gallery might lift up your spirits and remind you of who you are in Him – His beloved “Living Treasure.”

More importantly, rather, most importantly, do you know what else is “Living Treasure?” Our Lord God’s Holy Word! We of Precious Pilgrim Ministries claim this truth as our foundation. It is only in and through the Word that we can stand. That is why we offer scripture in a variety of ways on this website. You’ll find it in golden nuggets, the Treasure Chest, Baa's Ranch, the radio programs, and the letters.

And speaking of the website, we're excited about our home on the web! Check back often, as it is ever-changing and expanding. You'll notice a new radio program daily (Friday's runs over the weekend). Enjoy a new "Golden Nugget" Scripture with each day's visit, as well as a few surprises we'll let you discover on return visits! We are excited to announce two new additions: daily excerpts from "Love Letters to My Queen Bride" by Beth Wlaker and "Evan's Insights" by Evan Garner on the blog.

We hope you'll come back often, and be blessed because of your time here.

May you, Precious Pilgrim, be encouraged this day. May you know that by God’s grace and Christ’s Cross and the Holy Spirit’s indwelling you are “Living Treasure.”